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"Hank" -- Tech International's Corporate Mascot

Many Americans probably recognize the following list of famous corporate mascots:
  • Michelin Man – promoting tires since 1898
  • Pillsbury Doughboy – created in 1965
  • Quaker Oats Pilgrim – created in 1877
  • Aunt Jemima - created around 1893
  • Mr. Peanut – created in 1916
  • Betty Crocker – created in 1921
  • The Jolly Green Giant – created in 1925
  • The Goodyear Blimp – created in 1925
Within this Tech Legend article, we wish to shine the spot-light on our own rather famous and revered corporate mascot, HANK.

HANK is a loveable and friendly cartoon character created approx-imately 50 years ago, based upon Frank “Hank” Chambers who was the President and owner of Technical Rubber Company, Inc. DBA Tech International for many years.

As the story goes, friends and business associates gave Frank Chambers the nickname…. Hank, and this nickname became part of Frank Chambers heritage as well as becoming part of Tech International’s legacy.

When the time came to provide a name for a newly created Tech mascot HANK just seemed to be a perfect choice. Thus, the Tech mascot, HANK, was born.

HANK has played a significant role in Tech International’s 70-year history and will continue to stay active through various advertising and promotional means well into the future.

HANK has and always will be willing, ready and able to serve the Company, and its customer’s, in a friendly, courteous and professional manner. And of course, always with a smile on his face. Our love and appreciation for HANK is much more than tread-deep. HANK is truly deserving of Tech “Legend” status.

One of HANK’s favorite hobbies in the 1960’s was bowling, as illustrated
in the above archived drawing from that era.
Most recently, Tech International has introduced a HANK
bobble-head figurine which will soon be available for purchase.
Today, HANK can be found around the world, promoting and representing Tech International and its global network of distributors. In fact, HANK as seen above is the center of attention in a water fountain display in front of our manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.
Our own, Clay Johnson (Service and Support Manager, North America), recently attended a company sponsored event in Johnstown, Ohio, impersonating Hank.