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TECH Tire Repairs and Wheel Service Products

TIRE & TUBE Repair
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TECH Permacure® repairs feature an exclusive nylon reinforced design that makes applying repairs easier by virtually eliminating cutting, resulting in less labor time and a durable repair that permanently vulcanizes through the tire injury.

Permacure and Permacure II repairs can be used in the crown of all radial and bias tubeless passenger and truck tires - as well as the crown, shoulder and sidewall areas of all radial and bias tubeless agricultural, ATV and off-the-road tires.

TECH’s unique cushion gum flows and cures into cracks and crevices, and actually vulcanizes to the tire itself. Permacure II repair units are excellent for smaller injuries.

Permacure repairs can be used as an injury filler material and then backed up with the appropriate repair unit.

Note: Industry recommendations state that the tire should be demounted and repaired from the inside using suitable rubber vulcanizing material and appropriate repair unit on the inner liner.

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