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TECH Tire Repairs and Wheel Service Products

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Mounting/Demounting Lubricants

TECH’s mounting and demounting lubricants provide excellent lubricity to make tire mounting and demounting easier when applied to the tire bead and rim mating surfaces. TECH lubricants are petroleum free with rust inhibitors to prevent rust or corrosion. These products are silicone free and dry tacky, preventing tire and rim slippage.

TECH Bead Breaker is a penetrating rubber lubricant that frees stubborn beads from the rim and simplifies tire demounting.

TECH Rim Ease is a ready-to-use liquid, while TECH Mount-O-Matic is a concentrated liquid rubber lubricant. 

TECH Mounting Compound is a vegetable oil-based lubricant which can be applied with a brush or mixed with water and applied with a swab.

TECH Tire Mounting Paste is a water-based lubricant with rust inhibitors that goes on with a brush eliminating spills and slip hazards in the service area.

Murphy's Black Lube and Five Star Lube Rim Rust Retardant and Tire Lubricant are applied to all interior rim surfaces and to the tire beads to prevent corrosion and simplify tire mounting and demounting. Five Star EZ Mount Heavy Duty Paste is great for packing beads or mounting and demounting tires. Mix with 5 parts water for use as a liquid lubricant.

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