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Flow-Seal Inserts

TECH’s Flow-Seal® Inserts repair small injuries in tubeless tires quickly and easily.

Flow-Seal® inserts are made from a unique gray cushion gum flows into the injury and completely seals the inner liner as well as broken cord and cable ends. The insert permanently vulcanizes through the injury, and the tire is immediately ready for use. Flow-Seal inserts are ideal for use in both bias and steel-belted radial tires.

TECH Flow-Seal Inserts are designed for demounted tires and can be used to fill an injury and are very effective when backed up with the appropriate repair unit. TECH Insert-O-Matic tool (#920) and Insert-O-Mates (#203) make inserting repairs fast and easy. Insert-O-Mates fit on the end of the Insert-O-Matic tool, allowing the insert to be easily applied into the tire. 

Note: Industry recommendations state that the tire should be demounted and repaired from the inside using suitable rubber vulcanizing material and appropriate repair unit on the inner liner.

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