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Uni-Seal ULTRA, Uni-Seal ULTRA Stems,
Uni-Seal ULTRA MAX repairs for radial and bias tires

Tech's Uni-Seal Ultras repair crown injuries in radial and bias, passenger, light truck and truck tires. Uni-Seal Ultras are speed rated and repair 1/8", 3mm and 1/4", 6mm injuries. Tech's 249UL Uni-Seal Plus repairs 1/8", 3mm injuries. Tech has designed the Uni-Seal with 30% more usable stem length for deep tread applications. A 25% thicker cap maximizes reinforcement of the inner liner and eliminates dimpling. Uni-Seal Ultras can be applied chemically or used in any retread process. Radial-Seals repair 3/8", 10mm to 1/2", 13mm injuries in radial constructed tires using a simple nail hole repair technique, saving labor time and materials when compared to conventional section repair procedures.

Cat. No.DescriptionBox Qty.Dim.
Prepared Injury Size
 249UL  UNISEAL ULTRA UL3 1.13" BX24  24  CASE 17.9X10.4X15  1/8", 3MM 
 250-1UL  UL6, 1/4" (6MM) UNI-STEM,BX20  20    1/4", 6MM 
 250UL  UNI-SEAL ULTRA GUM/WIRE 14/BX  14  CASE 21.0X11.0X16.0  1/4", 6mm 
 250UL/24  UNI-SEAL ULTRA 24 PK  24    1/4", 6MM 
 251-1UL  5/16"(8MM)ULT.STEM W/WIRE BX20  20    5/16", 8MM 
 251UL  UNI-SEAL ULTRA GUM/WIRE BX 14  14  CASE 21.0X11.0X16.0  5/16", 8mm 
 251UL/24  UNI-SEAL ULTRA BX 24  24    5/16", 8MM 
 252  BIAS UNI-SEAL,13MM BX 6  6    1/2", 13MM 
 252-1  UNI-SEAL - STEM ONLY BX10  10    1/2", 13MM 
 253  BIAS UNI-SEAL, 20MM INJ. BX 6  6    3/4", 20MM 
 291-1UL  3/8"(10MM)ULT.STEM W/WIRE BX20  20    3/8", 9MM 
 291UL  UL10 UNISEAL ULTRA MAX BX/10  10    3/8", 9MM 
 292UL  UL13 UNISEAL ULTRA MAX BX/10  10    1/2", 13MM